Wednesday, December 8, 2010


theres a couple dat are evryday sms.
Evryday the boy is answer the same question until he bored , 'how r u huby ? R u ody bath? Eat ? I love u. I miz u. I need u. Good night huby. What are u doing now ? I owes want dream about u.'
until one night , the boy receive a text msj from his gurl. Bt he decided 2 read it later bcoz he knw wat will his gurl text abt. He then 4got to reply n then go to sleep. Then the next day , the gurl mum call him n said dat his gurl was raped n killed last night. The boy then feeling so sad n then he open the msj dat he receive lazt night. The msj contain was'huby,where r u? There's a stranger dat follow at my back. I need u 2 come here right now.
So from dis story,there's a lesson dat we learn. We must appy wif our c0uple.


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