Wednesday, May 11, 2011

sungkyunkwan Scandal...

I thought I had enough of those dramas with the girls cross-dressing as guys.  So I wasn't that enthusiastic to follow this one when it aired.

At the first two episodes, I wasn't falling for the drama instantly, that when I couldn't watch it on cable, I just let it go.  Our KBSWorld came back at Episode 9.  I got to watch it  and after that, I've been marathon-ing SKKS this week.  

Whoa, I didn't expect the show to develop so well.  I guess I was predicting it to be the usual Coffee Prince environment, but I was in for a surprise.

When this drama was ending, I read in the forums how the love story of Kim Yoon Hee aka Kim Yoon Shik and Lee Sun Joon wasn't explored so much that shunned me further away from returning to watching it.  

 After resuming though, hmmm, how could they say the love story was lacking in something?  It was just right for me.  I immensely enjoyed it when both Geol Oh and Sun Joon started to harbor romantic feelings for Yoon Shik.  The funny feelings started early at even episode 6 but well, since they only became a couple at episode 15, yeah, I get their point.  Still, I was fully satisfied how they progressed the love story.  It didn't even feel rushed, but it certainly took it's sweet time bringing together Yoon Shik and Sun Joon.  

More than the love story, I also had a good time with the warm friendship within the famous quartet of Sungkyunkwan.  I enjoyed their bro-mance so much that I don't think I'd feel cheated if Yoon Shik and Sun Joon did not end up together, lol. 

I thought Dae Woong was one of a kind, but here comes Sun Joon too --- throwing everything away for a guy, aigoo!  Like Dae Woong's love for Mi Ho, I'm also in awe of Sun Joon's for Yoon Hee --- and he was ready to love her, thinking he was being gay.  Omo, omo, these characters are making me swoon! 

I have to be honest though---I wanted Geol Oh for Yoon Hee!  Can I say, it wasn't fair that Geol Oh never got a chance to fight for his love, because he can't say he knew Yoon Hee to be a girl.  Poor, poor guy.  The writer should have at least given opportunity for him to confide his love.  Hmmph!

I'm so recommending the drama to my friends.  Truly an enjoyable and funny ride with the scholars of SKK!


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